It is our goal to ease your logistics routine while offering Gourmet quality goods

🧊 Our Wholesale branch distributes to Hotels, Restaurants and Grocery stores. Everything can be resold as it is or be placed on the Menu'.

We only use the Highest quality ingredients available from local suppliers in Florida.

We can work together by personalizing an agreement between both parties by meeting each other’s needs.

Handling Frozen foods reduce your investment risk close to 0 since there is no waste: simply use them when they are sold. Your investment is safe by outsourcing products in such manner. 💰

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What we are about...

Our promise is to represent your business, and ours, in the best way that we are capable of. That, is the reason why we found all the ways possible to turn that idea into our reality.

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  • 🧊 Frozen 🧑🏼‍🌾

    We are devoted to support and improve the Frozen industry by raising the quality of the products that we create for you


    Handling Frozen allows us to stop time, therefore we are able to use premium ingredients.

  • 🌱 Facts 🌎

    Flash Freezing is one if not the best method to maintain the freshness of the ingredients withouth adding any conservants -

    Food waste constitutes 8% of the Worldwise Gas emissions.

  • ♻️ Mindfulness 💰

    Help the planet (and your pockets) by avoiding throwing away what usually sits in your fridge unconsumed


    Replace those items by getting better quality Frozen foods and cutting the waste down to 0.

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